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Full Participation Fees Due July 1st!   2018-06-18 (OktoberCorps Management)

At this time, we will be looking for the second installment of $125 (total $150) to participate in this special Event.

This inclusive fee covers the cost of renting rehearsal facilities, the banquet dinner and social at Queensmount Lions Club Fest Hall, Commemorative OktoberCorps uniform jacket and cap, and admission to Queensmount Lions Club Fest Hall after the banquet/social. It also covers the costs of music licensing, insurance, flags, float coverings and trailer/transportation rentals.

E-Transfer the remainder of your Fees to:

Password: Parade

Thank you, please do not delay, We order Jackets July 2nd.


Milestones / Events / Calendar
More details for all events can be found on the home page
DateEventMore InfoDays Left
Mon Feb 05 Website Launch 121 wks ago
Sat May 12 Rehearsal #111am-4pm; RIM Park Indoor Soccer Field    MAP107 wks ago
Sat Jun 09 Drumline sectional10am-4pm; WT Townshend School    MAP     (Not Mandatory)103 wks ago
Sat Jun 16 Hornline sectional10am-4pm; WT Townshend School    MAP     (Not Mandatory)102 wks ago
Sat Jun 16 Guard sectional #110am-3pm; 824 Elvira Court., Pickering, ON    MAP     (Not Mandatory)102 wks ago
Sat Jun 23 Guard sectional #210am-3pm; Budd Park, 1111 Homer Watson Blvd, Kitchener, ON    MAP     (Not Mandatory)101 wks ago
Sun Sep 09 Voluntary Rehearsal10am-4pm; RIM Park Indoor Soccer Field    MAP   2001 University Avenue East, Waterloo, ON N2K 4K490 wks ago
Sat Oct 06 Rehearsal #21pm-4pm; RIM Park Indoor Soccer Field    MAP   2001 University Avenue East, Waterloo, ON N2K 4K486 wks ago
Sat Oct 06 Social5-7pm86 wks ago
Sat Oct 06 Music show"Al Chez and the brothers of Funk"
8pm - Queensmount Arena    MAP (part of your participation fee!!)
86 wks ago
Sun Oct 07 Music show"Rockfest"

7pm - Queensmount Arena; discounted tickets available

86 wks ago
Mon Oct 08 Oktoberfest Parade!!! 86 wks ago
Up-to-date Participation Statistics
 Marching Unit
  Drum MajorsDrum Major 1: 1       Drum Major 2: 1       Drum Major 3: 1       Drum Major 4: 1       Drum Major 5: 1       Drum Major Emeritus: 2  7  
  Drum LineSnare: 11       Side Tenor: 0       Quads/Quints: 5       Bass Drum: 10       Cymbals: 2  28  
  BrassTrumpet: 39       Mellophone/French horn: 17       Baritone/Trombone: 27       Tuba/Contrabass: 10  93  
  Colour GuardFlag: 66       National Party: 5  71  
   TOTAL: 199  
 Non-Marching Options
  Float 1 "Stage Band"Conductor: 1       Trumpet: 4       Mello/French Horn: 6       Baritone/Trombone: 6       Tuba/Contra: 1       Drum Set: 1       Misc Perc'n: 4       Guitar: 0       Bass Guitar: 1  24  
  Float 2 "Pit Percussion"Keyboard: 5       Tympani: 1       Concert Toms: 0       Misc Percussion: 4       Bass Guitar: 1       Drumset: 2  13  
  Volunteer / SupportFloat Truck Driver: 0       Other: 9       Management Support: 8       Rehearsal Day: 3       Parade Day: 2       Banquet: 1       Music/Design Staff: 12  35  
  TOTAL      ALL: 271  

Legend:         Is a Staff member           Has own equipment           is Volunteer only           is a Section Leader  
Current Participants
NameFBPast Corps AffiliationsPos'n/Instr't
 Marching Unit
Drum Majors      
Back to Stats
Jones, Peter  Ambassadors 78-84, Dutch Boy 85-89, Staff: Dutch Boy 90-93, Cardinals 94, Bluecoats 95-98, Kiwanis Kavaliers 01-03, Revolution 04-06Drum Major 1
Lair, FredericLes Eclipses 1986; Dutch Boy 1988-90Drum Major 2
Byrne-Menard, YvetteSt. John's Girl's/Brantford Girl's: 1978-1984, Venture's All-Girl: 1985 & 1986, Garfield Cadets: 1987 & 1989Drum Major 3
Blundell, Deborah Kiwanis Kavaliers & Sentelles Colour Guard & RoyalairesDrum Major 4
Alleyne, JoelDe La Salle - 1969 to 1974, Oakland Crusaders - 1975 to 1976, Oakland Crusaders - 1977 to 1987 (staff)Drum Major 5
Blundell, Larry Way Too Much To ListDrum Major Emeritus
Johansson, Vern Bantam Optimists 1961-1963, Toronto Optimists 1964 - 1970, United Alumni 2000-2002, Founder, Optimists alumni 2002- 2006Drum Major Emeritus
Drum Line      
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Anderson, John St. Andrews 1982 - 1985, had a stint with Kavaliers and Dutch Boy as well but didn't March a season with them.Snare
Atkins, ScottMember: Lampliters 1986 - 1990, Kiwanis Kavaliers 1991, 1992, 1994, Staff: Empire Loyalists 1991-1995, Kingston Grenadiers 1997-2005, 2008-2011.Snare
Burton, Jamie Kavaliers 1995-96, Conqueror ll 1987-93, SPYE indoor 1996-97Snare
Duke, DougRidge Raiders 1980 - 1984, Dutch Boy 1985 - 1988, Cadets 1989Snare
Hamme, Sara VanUnited Alumni Drum and Bugle CorpsSnare
Hughes, BrentOne time at Bandcamp....Snare
MacKay, JeffOptimist Lancers, Oakland Crusaders , Bayonne Bridgemen, Oshawa Rebels, Emerald Knights, West Coast Cadets, Guelph Royalaires, KIngston Grenadiers, Optimist Alumni.Snare
Moore, Robert ( Bob) Optimist Cadets 1972-1974. Cadet-Lancers 1974-1978. Seneca Optimist 1978 Did a few parades. Durham College Pipe Band Drum Line current. Highland Creek Pipe Band Drum Line current.Snare
Parent, Jason Emerald Cadets 1983-1985, Kiwanis Kavaliers 1986-1990, 95-96, Phantom Regiment 1991-1993, 94Snare
Sharpe, MichaelLampliters, Kiwanis Kavaliers, Kingston Grenadiers, Syracuse Brigadiers, Empire Statesmen, Toronto Optimists ALumni, Kawartha KavaliersSnare
Young, StephenFlying Dutchmen 1966 to 1975Snare
Darwin, Doug  48 years, too many corps to list. Last competitive Corps that I marched in Oakland Crusaders 1977. Director of Kiwanis Kavaliers 1986-2005, Dutchboy/Northstar 2007-present.Quads/Quints
Joyce, Sienna Preston Scout House Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps 2012-2016, Pioneer Drum & Bugle Corps 2017-2018Quads/Quints
McFarlane, Jason Emerald Cadets 1985-1986, Emerald Knights 1987, Kiwanis Kavaliers 1988-1989Quads/Quints
Peachman, EricGolden Knights 78-79 Canadian Knights 80-83Quads/Quints
Taylor, Chris  Opti-Knights, De La Salle, Oakland Crusaders, RoyalairesQuads/Quints
Barnett, Kyle Dutch Boy 2004 - 2007Bass Drum
Dallosch, Eric Dutch Boy 1999 Bass line, Dutch Boy 2000 Tenor lineBass Drum
Dunne, Kevin. Optimist Lancers, Etobicoke Lancers, Cadet Lancers, Oakland Crusaders, Bayonne BridgemenBass Drum
Frappier, VinnieBlue Saints 1989-1997Bass Drum
Mahoney, Karen Ventures 1983 to 1986Bass Drum
Mckenzie, Erin MarieDutch Boy Drum Corps: 1998-2003Bass Drum
Merner, Travis Kiwanis Kavaliers 88-97Bass Drum
Squire, JadeScout House Band 2013-2016; Kawartha Kavaliers 2017; Impact Revolution 2017-presentBass Drum
Thomas, GrantConqueror II 82-83, Ridge Raiders 84, Dutch Boy 85-87, Empire Statesmen 88-89, Cadet of Dutch Boy Staff 1990, Conqueror II Corps Director, Ridge Raiders Business Manager, Emerald Knights Corps DirectorBass Drum
Toole, Ryan Kiwanis KavaliersBass Drum
Joyce, Chantalle Preston Scout House Cadets Drum & Bugle CorpsCymbals
Moseley, Sandra Preston Scout House 2014- presentCymbals
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(Fleischmann)Tanner, Debbie L.Durham Girls Drum & Bugle Corps(1974-83)(2012) 2018 Durham Marching Band(renamed incl. all gender) /Preston Scout House Allumni Band(2014-16).Trumpet
Adeney, Geoff Scout House 1963-1968, Royalaires 1969-1979, 1983-1989, Regionnaires 1980-1982, Empire Statesmen 1990-2012, White Sabers 2016Trumpet
Allmark, Tina Ridge Raiders 1981, Conqueror II 1982, Ventures 1983-1991Trumpet
Anderson, John H. R. RHLI Bugle Band '71-'72. Burlington Commanders '73. Flying Dutchmen '74-'76. Northstars '77.Trumpet
Bailey, Steve Royalaires 1966-68, Opti-Knights 1968-1970, St. John's 1970-1973, De La Salle Oaklands 1971-1974, Etobicoke Oakland Crusaders 1975-1976Trumpet
Berger, Warren Verral LOL trumpet band. 1948-50 Western Tech 1954 56 Toronto Optimists 1958-61 Jesters 1962 Canadian Commanders 1963-68 Optimists Alumni 2002-14 Kawartha Kavaliers 2015-presentTrumpet
Boone, PaulSt. Andrew's, 74-76 Scout House, 77 -79 Madison Scouts 81 Royalaires 86, Scout House AlumniTrumpet
Bremner, Eric Kingston Grenadiers 1999-2000, Scout House 2013 - 2016, Kawartha Kavaliers 2016 - 2017, Hamburg Kingsmen 2017, Impact Revolution 2018Trumpet
Burns, CherylRidge Raiders (83-85), Ventures (87-93)Trumpet
Burns, John De La Salle (59-69) / Ambassadors (70) / Precious Blood Cardinals (70-75) / DOCA (07-18)Trumpet
Collins, Chris Ridge Raiders 83-85; Dutchboy 86 & 87;Conqueror II (staff) 95-98Trumpet
Decloux, Mark Optimists 1967-1977Trumpet
Fabian, Jim Seneca Princemen, Cardinals of Precious Blood, Doca Brass and Midlanders AlumniTrumpet
Fraser, Jim 80 Squadron Air Cadets, Preston Scout House, 48th Field Squadron Royal Canadian Engineers, K.W. Flying DutchmenTrumpet
Gilmour, Conrad Dutchboy cadets 1979-1985 Dutchboy 1986-1991Trumpet
Giroux, Jean-Pierre (JP)Blue Saints, Imperial Knights and Lindsay KavaliersTrumpet
Huras, Doug Flying Dutchmen, Northstars, Blue DevilsTrumpet
Johns, Douglas Toronto Signals, Toronto Optimists Alumni, Marching Ambassadors, Jolly Jesters, Army Service Corps, DOCA, Hamilton FirefightersTrumpet
Jones, Matt Ambassadors 77-82, Dutchboy 83-87Trumpet
Jones, RichardDutchboy Cadets Soprano & Flugel; 1970-71 Drum Major 1972-75Trumpet
Knox, HeatherKawartha KavaliersTrumpet
Ladhani, Karim Dutch Boy, NorthstarsTrumpet
Lee, Soo Optimists Alumni 2016-presentTrumpet
Lehman, Lucy1974-1976 Cardinals, 1977-1978 Seneca Optimists, 1979 L'Offensive Lions, 1980 Ventures, 1981-1982 Blue Devils, 1983 Canadian Knights, 1984-1997 taught many Ontario drum corpsTrumpet
Levis, Andr 4eBrigades,St-Jrme Qc, Concord Blue Devils, Les Eclipses, Mets Montreal Qc, K. Grenadiers, Brigadiers Syracuse NY and Diplomates AlumniTrumpet
Logue, Jason Ridge Raiders (81-83), Dutch Boy (84-85, 87-89)Trumpet
MacDonald, JohnDe La Salle 1971-1974Trumpet
MacFadden, John WMidlanders 68-73 Sop/Mello, Del 74 Sop/Flugel, Oakland Crusaders 75 Sop, Asst Brass Leamington Townsmen 74, Dutcmen 75, perform and arrange DOCA Brass Midlanders AlumniTrumpet
Matthews, KeithKiwanis Kavaliers 1973-1976, K-W Northstar 1977-1978, Blue Devils 1980, Royalaires 1983-1989Trumpet
Murphy, Brian Marched Dutch Boy 77-88, Tour Manager Dutch Boy 91Instructor Kavaliers 92-96Trumpet
Owens, Chrystelle Durham Girls 1979 -1983, Durham Girls Alumni Band 2012 to presentTrumpet
Phillips, Tina Cardinals of ScarboroughTrumpet
Robertson, LarissaVentures 1985-1993Trumpet
Roblin, Doug Optimists Alumni, DOCATrumpet
Strouth, Rick 1963-1967 Sr. Flying Dutchman, 1968-1978 Guelph Royalaires, Scout House Alumni BandTrumpet
Tierney, Kevin Etobicoke Oakland Crusaders 77-80, Blue Stars 1981, The Bridgemen 1982 , Dutch Boy 83-87Trumpet
Walsh, Jason Kiwanis Kavaliers 89-98, Preston Scout House 2013-2016, Kawartha Kavaliers 2017, Hamburg Kingsmen 2017, Impact 2018-presentTrumpet
Wells, Marjorie Durham Girls 1966-71 & 2012-14 Scout House 2014-16 Kawartha Kavaliers 2016- presentTrumpet
Whitelaw, Rob Flying Dutchmen, Northstar,Trumpet
Buttigieg, PatOptimist Cadets 1974, Cadet Lancers 1975, Seneca Optimist 1976-77, Optimist Alumni, DOCAMellophone/French horn
Cameron, Dave Western Tech, Midtowners, AmbassadorsMellophone/French horn
Cook, Paul De La Salle Oaklands, 1967 - 1972; DOCAMellophone/French horn
Dodsworth, Liz 1985-1991 - Cadets of Dutch Boy Class A,1992-1994, 1998 Dutch Boy Open Class - Division II, 2017-Current Optimists Alumni CorpsMellophone/French horn
Gill, Wyatt Dutch Boy 1984-1987, Taught Dutch Boy 1988-1991, Taught Kiwanis Kavaliers, Guelph RoyalairesMellophone/French horn
Hall, Susan Ventures 1978 - 1983Mellophone/French horn
Lowes, Debbie Ventures 72-76, Seneca Optimists 77, taught Ventures' 9 yrsMellophone/French horn
Mcilveen, Aaron Dutchboy 2009, Blue Saints 2012, 2014, 2015Mellophone/French horn
Mulcahey, Erin  Ambassadors 1983-1985, Oakland Crusaders 1987-1988, Phantom Regiment 1989-1991Mellophone/French horn
Neault, Karen St Johns all Girls drum corps, United Alumni Drum and Bugle CorpsMellophone/French horn
Packer, Jamie canadian knights 84-86, dutch boy 88, united alumni 03, impact of hamilton present.Mellophone/French horn
Pilon-Gilmour, Nathalie Chatelaines de Laval 1983, Connexion Qubec 1984-1987, Dutchboy 1988-1991,Mellophone/French horn
Pow, JoySt. John's Girls 1967 to 1980, instructed Simcoe Golden Lions 1976 to 1980, Simcoe United Alumni 1998 to 2016Mellophone/French horn
Shearer, RickToronto Optimists 1963 to 1969, Optimists Alumni 2002 to 2014, United Alumni 2015 to 2016Mellophone/French horn
Sinden, Mark  1966-1967 Guelph Opti-Knights, 1968-1975 Flying Dutchmen, 1981-1982 Niagara Regionaires, 1983-1990 Guelph Royalaires, 1991-2010 Empire StatesmenMellophone/French horn
Watson, Joe Niagara Memorial band 1951-1955, Jolly Jesters 1958-1962, Toronto Signals 1988-1994, Kawartha Kavaliers 2002-2015Mellophone/French horn
Witmer, Kimberly St John's 1977 - 1978Ventures 1979 - 1982St John's 1983Mellophone/French horn
Allen, JimAvant Garde 1984-1985, 27th Lancers 1986, Dutch Boy 1987-1989Baritone/Trombone
Bailey, GlennOpti-Knights 67-70 & 73-74, De La Salle 71-72, St. John's Girls 77-78, Dutch Boy 80, Royalaires 82-86.Baritone/Trombone
Bilinsky, Keith Cadets of Dutch Boy, Dutch Boy, Santa Clara VanguardBaritone/Trombone
Bruce, Dave Flying Dutchmen, Guelph Royalaires, Empire Statesmen, Kingston Grenadiers, Galt Kilties Band, BnW GroupBaritone/Trombone
Collingdon, Brian Canadian Commanders,Toronto Sigs, Optimist Alumni, DOCA, GAS ensembleBaritone/Trombone
Davis, Matthew  Dutch Boy 2003 - 2005, East Coast Jazz 2006 (Age Out), Optimists Alumni 2011 - presentBaritone/Trombone
Fleming, QuinnOregon Crusaders 2016, Boston Crusaders 2017.Baritone/Trombone
Frehe, SvenKiwanis Kavaliers 1979-1980, Dutchboy 1981-1983, Madison Scouts 1984,Baritone/Trombone
Gibson, Rob OYB Marching Saints 1965-1971, Cadets LaSalle 1973, Scout House 2013, Impact of Hamilton 2017Baritone/Trombone
Gilcart, Kevin 1976 Royal Coachman, 1977 - 1978 Seneca Optimists, 1979 Guelph Royalaires, Ghost Riders Mini CorpBaritone/Trombone
Heer, Scott1982, 83, 84 Kiwanis Kavaliers, 1985, 86, 88 Dutch Boy, 1987 Guelph Royalaiers, 1995, 96, 97 Empire Statesmen, 2000, 01, 02 Syracuse Brigadiers, 2005, 06 Rochester CrusadersBaritone/Trombone
Jackson, Gord Midlanders 73-76, Lions of London 77Baritone/Trombone
Kane, BillToronto Optimists 1965 - 69, St. John's 1975 - 77, Optimists Alumni 2002 - 14.Baritone/Trombone
Kirby, DarrellFlying Dutchman 1967-1975, Kiwanis Kavaliers, Durham GirlsBaritone/Trombone
Matthew, Kevin Conquer II - 1984-1987, Dutch Boy 1988 - Taught Ridge Raiders - 90-91 - St Johns - 92-95 - Kiwanis Kavaliers - 95-97 Brass at camps, United Alumni 97-07Baritone/Trombone
Matthews, Ian RR 1983-1985 Dutch Boy 1986-1992Baritone/Trombone
McMahon, Paddy Guelph Royalaires 1968 - 75, Royalaires Alumni, Scout House 2007 - present, The Awesome Original Second Time Arounders Marching Band currentBaritone/Trombone
McPhee, David "Antman"  Rebels 82-88, Dutchboy 89-90, Blue Devils 91, Cardinals 92,-95, Bluecoats 95-04Baritone/Trombone
Moffatt, John Leaside Lions, Ambassadors, Hamilton Firefighters, Canadian Ensemble(Class BrassBaritone/Trombone
Noble, Vicky Ventures 1983-1991Baritone/Trombone
Racher, PaulaBrantford Girls, 1980-1984; Ventures 1985 & 1986; Garfield Cadets, 1987 & 1988Baritone/Trombone
Ransom, DianeSt.John's All Girls Drum corps .. United AlumniBaritone/Trombone
Renette, TrentCadets of Dutchboy 1984/85, Dutchboy 1986-1991Baritone/Trombone
Sichewski, Mark  Kiwanis Kavaliers, Dutch Boy Cadets, Northstar, Oakland Crusaders, Ventures, Guelph Royalaires, Empire Statesmen, Syracuse Brigadiers, The Hitmen, Prmetime BrassBaritone/Trombone
Walker, John Etobicoke Crusaders 1973-74, Oakland Crusaders 1975-79Baritone/Trombone
Waslyk, Gerry Toronto Highliters late 70's, Cardinal 80's, Kiwanis Kavaliers 80'sBaritone/Trombone
Witmer, BruceFlying Dutchmen, Northstar, ScoutHouse , St JohnsBaritone/Trombone
Bryer, Robert Kawartha Kavaliers 2015 - presTuba/Contrabass
Dahmer, RileyDutch Boy 2005 - 2008Tuba/Contrabass
Dearlove, Keith Etobicoke Crusaders 74, Etobicoke Oakland Crusaders, Lake Shore Brassmen, United Alumni, Canadian GAS Ensemble, Toronto Optimist AlumniTuba/Contrabass
Kellas, Drew1977-79, 86-88 Oshawa Rebels1989 Guelph Royalaires1990-92 Northwind Rebels1996-2001 Rochester Crusaders 2016-present Toronto SignalsTuba/Contrabass
Menard, BrianCardinals 1972 - 1978, Oakland Crusaders 1979, Santa Clara Vanguard 1980 - 1982, Santa Clara Vanguard Alumni Corps 2017Tuba/Contrabass
Montani, Scott CDutchboy, Ridge Raiders, RHLI, Hamilton Fire FIghtersTuba/Contrabass
Pow, Ed Golden Lions 1974 - 1981 United Alumni 1998 to 2016Tuba/Contrabass
Ransom, BrandonSt. John's 2002-2005, Capital Regiment 2006, Phantom Regiment 2007-2011Tuba/Contrabass
Tuling, Adrienne Ventures 1982-1986, Garfield 1987-1989Tuba/Contrabass
Wiese, Gregory Railmen, SoundStar, Bayou City Blues, Empire Statesmen, DCI All Star D&BC, Oktoberfest Wunderbar Band, Erie Thunderbirds. Maynard Ferguson NAMM band, Donauschwaben Blaskapella...Tuba/Contrabass
Colour Guard      
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Andrew, Donna Kawartha Kavaliers 2012-presentFlag
Andrew, Kelsey Lindsay Kinsmen Marching Band 2002-2010, Kawartha Kavaliers 2012-presentFlag
Ashman, Trisha Cadets of Dutch Boy 1988-1992, Ventures 1993-1994Flag
Attard, Raymond Seneca Optimists, Blue Stars, ROTC Toronto, Magic of Scout House, Kiwanis KavaliersFlag
Berkeley-Anderson, Vicky Belles of St.John's/Brantford Girls/St.John's 1975-1988, Simcoe Golden Lions 1980, Cadets of Bergan County 1989, Magic of Scout House 2018Flag
Bishop, Nicola Seneca princemen, seneca optimistsFlag
Boettger, Kate 1972-1976 VenturesFlag
Bouffard, LisaEmerald Knights, Kiwanis Kavaliers, Genesis II, , Ventures, The Cadets , Magic of Scouthouse.Flag
Burdett, Angela Brantford Girls/ St. John's 1983-1988, DutchBoy 1989-1990Flag
Burgess, Annette Kiwanis Kavaliers 82, Dutch Boy 83,84,85,86,87,88. Magic of Scout House 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, Sentenelles 1984, 1989, 1990, Dream Seekers 2016, 2017, 2018Flag
Cann-Dorey, Douglas Royalaires Drum Corp. 76-79 83-89.Ventures Drum Corps 87. Conquorer II 86-87. EmpireStatesmen 90'91. Phantasia Winterguard. Rhapsody Winterguard. Dutchboy Winterguard. Brantford Winterguard.Flag
Clayton, ElizabethVentures WG 2005-2015, Oregon Crusaders 2016, Bluecoats 2017,2018Flag
Coit, Joshua Squires (Peterborough, ONT) 1995-1998, Dutch Boy (Kitchener, ONT) 1999-2006, Dutch Boy Staff 2007-2009, Empire Statesmen (Rochester, NY) 2009-2010Flag
Coke, Victoria (Tori)Kawartha KavaliersFlag
Cooper, Jennifer Ventures 1982,83Flag
Cosgrove, Kim Dutch Boy, Niagara Regionnaires, St Catharines Majestics, Excalibur, Dynasty, Genesis IIFlag
Courville, LynnBlue Saints (2009-2013)Flag
Cumming, Mhairi East Scarborough Kinsmen, Seneca Princemen, Seneca Optimists, Bayonne Bridgemen, Expressions, ROTC, Oakland Crusaders, CardinalsFlag
Davison, Julie Dutch Boy Cadets and Magic of Scout HouseFlag
Detzler, HeatherKiwanis Kavaliers (1972) Dutchmen,Northstar, Seneca OptimistFlag
Di Pasqua, Lisa Ventures 91-94 Northshore 95Flag
Fabian, Joanne Seneca princemen. Seneca optimistsFlag
Feehan-Hughes, LynneKavaliers, Cadets of Dutch Boy, St. Andrews, Dutch BoysFlag
Grant, Andrea Ventures 1985 to 1991 MAGIC of scout house currentFlag
Greschner, TrischVentures W/G 99-00; Dutch Boy D/C 00-02,04,07; Hypothesis 01; Dutch Boy W/G 02-03; Blue Saints 05-06; DCI Honor Corps 06; Legacy 10; ROTC 10,15; Impact Perc. 11-12; Magic W/G 15-18Flag
Gruber, CathyDutch Boy Cadets '75, '76,NORTHSTAR '77, '78, Casper Troopers '79, Schaumburg Guardsmen '80,'81Flag
Hagen, ChristineCanadian Knights from inception to 1985; Golden Knights 1976 to inception of Canadian Knights.Flag
Hamilton-Armour, Lori Oakland Crusaders 1983-1987, Phantasia 1987, Sky Ryders 1988, State Street Review 1989, ROTC Toronto (various years 1990's - 2000's)Flag
Hayward, Lee 1974-1978 Cardinals, 1979-1980 Oakland Crusaders, instructed 1982 & 1986 Oshawa Rebels & Montage baton, 1983-1985 Santa Clara Vanguard, 2017 Santa Clara Vanguard Alumni CorpsFlag
Hiltz, Wendy VenturesFlag
Hope, Jenny Oakland Crusaders, Phantasia Winter Guard, Expressions of the North Star Winter Guard, ROTC Toronto, Magic of Scout House Winter Guard (current)Flag
Huggins, Michelle Canadian Knights - 1976 - 1986, Dutchboy - 1987 - 1988Flag
Hughes, Dana marching: Dutch Boy Cadets 1980-1981;Dutch Boy 1982-1987, 1990-1991;Magic of Scout House 2015-2018teaching: Dutch Boy Cadets 1990-1992, 1997-1999; Dreamseekers 2017-2018Flag
Jamieson, CassandraSt. John's - 2000 to 2005, HYPE - 2006, Magic of Scout House - 2018Flag
Klein, Rosemary Reinhardt Ventures and Kavaliers- 1972-1974Flag
Krajewski (Reinhardt), Teresa Ventures 1972-1976Flag
Lariviere, MichelleBandettes, Dutch Boy, Phantom Regiment and Magic of Scout HouseFlag
Lockie, DavidRebels Drum Corps 1977 to 83 and Kawartha Kavaliers 2016, 17 & 18. Rotc Toronto Colourguard 25 Years and taught many Ontario corps and Winterguards.Flag
MacKay, Brenda Canadian KnightsFlag
Matthews, JenniferSt. Johns Drum Corps 01-05Flag
McEachnie, Janice Durham GirlsFlag
McGowan, Jean Durham Girls Drum and Bugle Corps 1972 -1984, 2014 to present.Flag
McNeil, Terri-Lynn Winter guard (Phantasie, Special FX) 1985-1994, Magic of Scout House 2015,16,18. Oakland Crusaders 1987Flag
McShane, MelVentures 1991-93 ??? GuardFlag
Murphy, Karen Cardinals 1974-78, Oakland Crusaders 1979-80, SCV 1983, Oshawa Rebels 81-82, Sentenelles 84-85 Kiwanis Kavaliers 86-93, Brantford 93-95, Ventures 97-99Flag
Nicholls, JackieRebels 1976-80; Kawartha Kavaliers 1985-87; 2002-2007; 2015-2017; Empire Statesmen 1986/87; Kingston Grenadiers 2007- 2011; ROTC 2007-2012;Flag
Occhionero, Karen (Curry)Kiwanis Kavaliers 1984-1992, Expressions of the Northstar 1997-1999Flag
Ophem, Liz vanregionnaries 1980-1983, empire statesman 1983-1985Flag
Ouellette, Arielle St Johns 2004, Dutchboy 2006-2007, Plus all my winter escapades (Ventures 2001-2010, Magic of Scouthouse 2016-2017)Flag
Pegelo, Sharon Durham Girls Drum & Bugle Corps, Durham Girls Alumni Band, ScoutHouse BandFlag
Perritt, Triscia Canadian knights and Dutch boy and magicFlag
Peters, Megan Steel city sound winterguard 05, Rhapsody youth 06, Prizm winterguard 07-14, St. Johns winterguard 15, Magic of Scout house winterguard 2018, Toronto optimist, Scout houseFlag
Piccinetti, Tammy Dutchboy 79-84, taught Ventures, St. Andrews, St. Johns, Cadets of Dutch Boy and Kiwanis Kavaliers 86-96.Flag
Putnam, Jennifer Ventures drum and bugle corps 1972-1978Flag
Raymond, Craig Niagara Regionnaires 1977 - 1979, Oakland Crusaders 1980, Madison Scouts 1982- 1984, Dutch Boy 1985 - 1990, Kiwanis Kavaliers 1995 - 1998Flag
Renaud, Jacquie  Kiwanis Kavaliers & VenturesFlag
Rowe, Rita Durham Girls Drum and Bugle Corps and present day Durham Girls Alumni BandFlag
Sanders, TraceyDutch Boy Cadets 1980, Kavaliers 1981-1983, Ventures 1984- 1992Flag
Schmiedendorf, Penny Dutch Boy Drum & Bugle Corps (1977-1982)ishFlag
Sinden, Bridget 77-84 Kavies, 89-90 Royalaires, 91-98 Empire Statesmen and winter guard ever since (Ventures, Phantasia, St. Johns, Dutch Boy, Sentenelles, Conqueror, Expressions, Magic)Flag
Szabo, LoriVentures Drum & Bugle Corps 1979-1983Flag
Tanji, Patty1974-1980 Ventures, 1981-1982, Blue DevilsFlag
Thomas, Kimberley East Scarborough Kinsmen, Seneca Princemen, Seneca Optimists, Newmarket Ambassadors, Brantford Girls & Ventures.Flag
Ullmann, Sonya Niagara Regionaires, Empire StatesmenFlag
Wright, Patti Ventures 78-80Flag
Youden, Mary Magic of Scout HouseFlag
Brockett, Bonnie E. 1989 - 1998: Chaperone/ volunteer/ bingo co-ordinator/ worker for The Kiwanis Kavaliers. Marched in numerous parades ( in their National Party or carrying the banner), including the 1989 Toronto Grey Cup and Santa Claus Parades.National Party
Campbell, AnettaVentures 1982-86 BaritoneNational Party
Hume, Sandy Toronto Signals, DCATNational Party
Reinhardt, Michael Flying Dutchmen 1967-1974National Party
Riley, Cheryl Guelph Ajax 1970-71, Guelph Opti Knights 1971-73, Preston Scout House 2013National Party
 Non-Marching Options
Float 1 "Stage Band"      
Back to Stats
Hogan, Brian Toronto Optimists '69 to '73, Optimists AlumniConductor
Fox, John ex: Western Tech, Second Signals, Ambassadors; presently with Newmarket Citizens BandTrumpet
LaRocque, Kathy VenturesTrumpet
Lang, Richard Michael Power Knights 1966-1969, Etobicoke Crusaders 1970-1972, Optimists Alumni 2006-PresentTrumpet
Miller, Kevin United alumniTrumpet
Beauchamp, Diane Guelph Royalaires, Empire Statesmen, Preston Scout House, United AlumniMello/French Horn
Bell, Barry  Toronto Optimists, Toronto Signals, Jolly Jesters, Burlington Commanders, Flying Dutchmen, St. John's GirlsMello/French Horn
Carell, Bob Toronto Optimists, Optimists AlumniMello/French Horn
Hyslop, HeatherSt.John's/Brantford Girls 1972-83, Current- Toronto Optimist Alumni 2010-presentMello/French Horn
Roach, NicoleDutch Boy Cadets, Ventures, Garfield CadetsMello/French Horn
Seager, Richard Conqueror 1960-1963, RHLI 1959-1961, Viscounts 1961-1964, Canadian Commanders 1964-1968Mello/French Horn
Beauchamp, Mark Ridge Raiders, Conquered II, Hamilton Firefighters, United Alumni, Preston Scout House, DOCABaritone/Trombone
Charlton, David Dutch Boy Cadets 1972 - 1976, Northstar 1977 - 1978, Blue Devils 1980Brass Instructor - Durham Girls, St. AndrewsBaritone/Trombone
Gardiner, Jim  Northstars '77 '78, Durham Girls (staff) '80,Dutch Boy '81 '82, Garfield Cadets '84, Ventures (staff) '84 - '87, Dutch Boy (staff) '88 - '92Baritone/Trombone
Hodges, Tom Royal Crusaders 69-73, DeLaSalle Oaklands 74, Etobicoke Oakland Crusaders 75-80, Cardinals Staff 81-82.Baritone/Trombone
Lang, Mike Michael Power Knights, Etobicoke Crusaders, Optimists AlumniBaritone/Trombone
Williams, Kerry JCanadian Knights - mid eighties, DOCABaritone/Trombone
Vanderkolff, Steve Dutch Boy Cadets 1969-1974 Drum Major, Etobicoke Oakland Crusaders 1975-1976 Contra, Ventures 1977-1978 Drill StaffTuba/Contra
Baumann, GeorgeEtobicoke Crusaders, Oakland Crusaders, Kiwanis KavaliersDrum Set
Ferguson, Judy Optimist Lancers 1969 - 1974; Optimists Alumni 2012 -presentMisc Perc'n
Ferrazzutti, Lorne  Affiliated with many corps, including instructor of Toronto Optimists and charter member of Optimists AlumniMisc Perc'n
Goddard, John Tomlin perc ensemble 1974Misc Perc'n
Reinhardt, Rob Kiwanis Kavaliers 1973-75Misc Perc'n
Huntley, John C. Michael Power Knights 1967-1969; Etobicoke Crusaders 1969-1972, 1974. Taught percussion/music theory to various corps in southern Ontario from Oshawa through to Kitchener/WaterlooBass Guitar
Float 2 "Pit Percussion"      
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Borth, Anne Marie ResonanceKeyboard
Burrows, Richard  Lamplighters 1990-91, Empire Loyalists 1992, C.Y.E. 1993, Kiwanis Kavaliers 1994,1995,1998,1999, Empire Statesmen 2007Keyboard
Gander, Jennifer St. Johns 2002-2003 Dutchboy 2009Keyboard
Go, Yun Jung Kavaliers 1996Keyboard
Weinstein, DebGary Tomlin's percussion ensembleKeyboard
Reynolds, Susan 1975-76 Flying Dutchmen, 1977-78 KW Northstars, 1979-80 Etobicoke Oakland Crusaders, 1981-83 Royalaires. Instructed Dutch Boy and Ambassadors.Tympani
Patterson, MelissaKiwanis Kavaliers 91-94Misc Percussion
Stumpf, Mike Dutch Boy 1979-1990Misc Percussion
Tomlin, KarenODCA Adjudicator, Instructor-Ventures, Kiwanis Kavaliers, Dutch Boy Cadets, St. JohnsMisc Percussion
Wood, Kerri None-former Gary Tomlin student!Misc Percussion
Nagy, TomNone - but I did a show with Gary at the Jazz Room a few years back. Honoured to be asked to play on a float in his name.Bass Guitar
Cowell, JeffResonance Percussion Ensemble w Gary TomlinDrumset
McDougall, DonThe Ceremonial Band of the Waterloo Regional Police Service DrumlineDrumset
Volunteer / Support      
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Bruce, Deb Optimists,St. JohnsOther
Dannecker, Pat VenturesOther
Gallinger, Paul Current support for the Durham Girls Alumni BandOther
Hogan, Susan None, but is an enthusiastic supporterOther
Johns, David Toronto Optimists Drum & Bugle CorpsOptimists Alumni Drum & Bugle CorpsOther
Logan, Kevin From 1970 to 1990Other
Treen, Clinton1979 to 1987 Canadian KnightsOther
Vona, Shannon Kiwanis kavaliers 91-96Other
Young, Deborah Flying Dutchmen, Kiwanis KavaliersOther
Billings, Adam Cadets of Dutch Boy 95-97, Dutch Boy 98-09Management Support
Cambria, Stephen  Oakland CrusadersManagement Support
Delouchery, DavidDutch Boy 1984-1988 Perennial 3rd Sop, Slaughterhouse 5Management Support
Fritsch, PeterAll of them - Like Darwin, too many to listManagement Support
Gander, Kathleen KK mom/volunteer/board 93-05, St. Johns mom 00-04, Dutch Boy mom 04 ,Dutch mom/volunteer 2010? Northstar board 2013-present, Optimist member 2013 board 2015-2017Management Support
Johnston, Paul Cardinal Cadets (of Precious Blood) 77-81, Kiwanis Kavaliers 82-84,87,88, instructed Kavies 89-95Management Support
McConachie, Eric Optimists Alumni 2002 - PresentManagement Support
Woods, Barry  Flying Dutchmen , Opitimist , Seneca Opitimist DCI , Dutch Boy , Northstar , Prime Time BrassManagement Support
Dunningon, Rob 1969-76 Dutch Boy Cadets, 1977-78 Northstars, 1979 Kiwanis Kavaliers horn staff, 2005-2008 Dutch Boy Board of DirectorsRehearsal Day
Preston, Carmen Board Member and Volunteer for Ventures Winterguard no drum corps experienceRehearsal Day
Sinden, Nancy RoyalairesRehearsal Day
Darwin, Kim Cardinals 1976-1983, Ambassadors 1983-1984, Emerald Knights instructor 1984-1986, St. Johns instructor 1987-1990Parade Day
Roblin, GlendaLancers, Cadet Lancers, Highlighters, Optimists AlumniParade Day
Greig, Marguerite Peterborough KrescendosBanquet
Beddis, Lee  Krescendos (79,80), Canadian Knights (81,82), Dutchboy (83-86), Garfield Cadets (87-90) - and various drum corps teaching, writing and shaping young peoples lives....:)Music/Design Staff
Bradshaw, Kylie Ventures Guard member 2004-2015 (Staff/Choreographer 2015-present), Spirit of Atlanta Guard member 2014, Bluecoats Guard member 2015-2017 (DCI world champion 2016, Guard Captain 2017)Music/Design Staff
Chez, Alan ......Music/Design Staff
Dileo, John  De La Salle..Ventures...Oakland Crusaders....Spirit of Atlanta...Cadets....Dutch Boy....many other corps and bands in North America and Denmark..Music/Design Staff
Fanning, Michael  Emerald Knights 1989-1992, Bluecoats 1993-1998, Cadets of Bergen County 1999Music/Design Staff
Hadjis, Leigh Emerald Knights, Cardinals, Bluecoats; Teaching- Dutch Boy, Ventures, Luminosa, Legacy, BluecoatsMusic/Design Staff
Hipperson, R. David  Dutch Boy 1983-1993Music/Design Staff
MacKinnon, Dave  Toronto Optimists, Seneca Optimists, Ventures, BluecoatsMusic/Design Staff
Macaulay, Jim  Kavaliers, Ambassadors, CardinalsMusic/Design Staff
Skipp, Gareth Canadian Knights, Emerald Knights, Kiwanis Kavaliers, Rochester Patriots, Bluecoats, Starriders (Germany), Blue Diamonds (Germany)Music/Design Staff
Thomas, Bill  Sparkies, Fire-fighters, Princemen, Seneca Optimist, Brantford Girls, Newmarket Ambassadors, Oakland Crusaders, Kingston Grenadiers, Ventures, Dutch BoyMusic/Design Staff
Thrower, Douglas  Krescendos '74 - '79Music/Design Staff
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